Stephanie Delman

Sanford J Greenburger Assoc.

Stephanie Delman

Sanford J Greenburger Assoc.


Stephanie Delman joined Sanford J. Greenburger Associates in early 2012, after a stint in digital media. Under Heide Lange, the agency’s president, Stephanie has worked extensively on foreign rights and negotiations for such authors as Dan Brown and Brad Thor, and is actively building her own list with a focus on literary, historical, and speculative adult fiction. Stephanie was raised near San Francisco and has a degree in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins University, where she also worked at various lit mags. She has a soft spot for intertwined narratives, epic journeys, and dark, high-concept fiction. Prose draws her in, but plot makes her stay.


What I’m looking for:

  • Near-historical fiction (19th-20th century), especially based on true stories that have been overlooked
  • Literary fiction: lyrical voices, excellent prose, with a story that sheds light on the human condition
  • Speculative fiction and magical realism: twisted/slightly-fantastical stories that are otherwise rooted in reality
  • Upmarket women’s fiction and book club fiction, with strong female protagonists
  • Literary mysteries and atmospheric suspense (no detective/military/political thrillers)
  • Family sagas that traverse time and place
  • A very select list of pop-culture/humor/travel writing (the author must have a strong platform)