The Whole Picture Panel

25 Mar 2017
4:30 pm-6:00 pm
The Farm SoHo

The Whole Picture Panel

After a short break following craft workshops, rejoin the collective for a special panel featuring author Serena Burdick, her agent Stephanie Delman, and her editor Laura Chasen, speaking together about the publishing process from start to finish. Curious about the query letter that got Stephanie’s attention? Want to know how Laura pitched the book to the editorial board at St. Martin’s Press? Want to hear from Serena about the revision process, bringing a book to market, and the ups and downs of debut novel authorship? We’ll talk about all that and more. Attendees will receive a copy of the book in advance, so come prepared for a book club-style discussion and Q&A as well!



“Burdick’s novel begins and ends with similar scenes separated by many years. How this occurs and merges with a young woman’s quest for independence and recognition in a world dominated by men is at the heart of a tale brimming over with secrets, betrayals and redemption. Burdick keeps readers riveted, trying to unravel the maze of secrets that tear the characters’ world apart. This is a melancholy, bittersweet novel that touches readers seeking emotional depth.” -5 Star RT Book Review

“Girl in the Afternoon was stunning. With its fantastic setting to the secrets and lies scattered through these characters’ lives, I was absolutely captivated and tore through this debut! This was one of those rare novels where, when I wasn’t reading it, I was counting down the minutes until I could get back to it. I swooned, I gasped, I was thoroughly enchanted.” THE PRETTY GOOD GATSBY

“Burdick brings the sights and sounds of the Paris of the Impressionists to life. Aimee is an admirable protagonist, a woman trying to become an artist at a time when the art world was dominated by men.” HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY 

“Rather than aiming at big, splashy effects, Burdick quietly makes us feel the emotional impact of the events she describes, through subtle and evocative turns of phrase that make her writing a pleasure to read” THE EMERALD CITY BOOK REVIEW   

“Dripping with sensuality, dancing with tragedy, and ripe with secrets, Serena Burdick’s debut, GIRL IN THE AFTERNOON, brings to life Belle Epoque Paris” -THE SECRET VICTORIANIST 

“The plot was thick and complicated. Depressing and twisted, feminist and emotional, the dark secret at the heart of the story is the stuff that Lifetime television movies are made of.” ME READS A LOT.

“Paris + Belle Epoque era + wealthy family with secrets + art + scandal + reuniting with someone you loved but who had disappeared = YES PLEASE!” -THE BROKE AND THE BOOKISH 

“Heart-rending, passionate, and riddled with secrets, Girl in the Afternoon explores a society’s changing attitudes toward art, womanhood and freedom, as observed by a bourgeois family trying to protect their own. A compelling, melancholy tale.” Miranda Beverly-WhittemoreNew York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet.

“This fabulous book is an embroidery of love stitched in the romantic painterly style of realism. But when you turn the embroidery over, you see the tangled chaos of betrayal in the style of the impressionistic painters. Serena Burdick bridges the two artistic styles with the skill of a real artist.”        –Michelle Zackheim, author of Last Train to Paris

“Out of the Gilded Age comes this glittering canvas of a novel, full of light and life, shadow and darkness, stillness and movement. A rich portrait of a world and one unconventional family’s place in it. Girl in the Afternoon is a love story, a mystery, a tragedy, and a moving study of the human capacity to contain both reckless error and surprising redemption.” -Carrie Brown, author of The Stargazer’s Sister.  

“Intriguing! With a dreamlike quality, Ms. Burdick weaves a provocative tale of family secrets, betrayal, and the renewal of self-discovery.” -Heather Webb, author of Rodin’s Lover

“In Girl in the Afternoon, Serena Burdick weaves together Paris, la belle Époque, art, and abundant doses of family drama in a tightly-written story that pulls the reader in and keeps the twists and turns coming until almost the last page.” Sally Christie, author of The Sisters of Versailles.